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Scene - Back to basics

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Feature Film

Ball Control


Brodie is struggling to get his head in the game, so team physio Eva leads him in a one-on-one workout session, offering him a massage to release tension. Unable to resist the temptation of Brodie’s bulging shorts, Eva removes her bra and teasingly rubs his body with her nipples. She deep-throats his glistening cock, before he flips her over and removes her tiny gym shorts to lick her pussy. We love how Brodie and Eva make imaginative use of their gym equipment in this scene. Eva lies back on the bench press, grasping the bar for support as Brodie thrusts deep inside her. Rubbing her clit as they fuck, it’s not long before Eva orgasms hard around him and pushes Brodie over the edge, watching him cum over her breasts.


Comments From The Audience

I liked the bit where Eva rides Brodie and we get to see her and Brodie from the front. The only problem with the scene was that the camera focussed more on the bars in front of the bench where they were fucking each other and less on the couple.
Gym equipment doesn't really do it for me quite as much as confident and attractive women like "Eva"

1 year ago

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