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Scene - Scene 1 Laid To Rest

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Feature Film

Close To The Bone


Away from her lover and hungry, Bryana prowls the city for fresh meat. Hunting out a curvaceous estate agent, Bryana arranges a viewing where she knows they’ll be alone. It’s soon clear that the attraction is mutual, and Bryana orders the estate agent to strip. Kissing her neck, Bryana suddenly bites down hard, drawing blood and revealing her glistening Vampire fangs. Surprised and aroused by the pain, the agent becomes overcome with thirst, devouring Bryana’s pussy with an insatiable appetite for pleasure. They become frenzied with desire, their naked bodies entwining on the sofa as they explore each other inside and out until they’re sweating and breathless. The agent opens her eyes, which have begun to glow – Bryana’s venom has changed her – she is immortal.



Comments From The Audience

Erotic lesbian encounter with a vampire twist, love it JoyBear!

3 years ago

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