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Scene - Kitchen Confidential

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Feature Film

Secret Sex Society 2 - The Game


Returning from the retreat, Gideon assumed The Game was over, however a note on his door simply saying 'Strip' tells him that The Game is still in play. After his clothes are discarded, instructed to crawl towards the kitchen he finds Suz waiting for him with whipped cream and plenty of ideas on places for him to lick it from her body. Watch as this gorgeous couple slowly bring themselves to a sexual frenzy on the kitchen worktop, Gideon using his fingers to bring Suz to a back arching climax before they delight in a fuck with the chemistry and familiarity of lovers that know each other well.


Comments From The Audience

Normally I think whipped cream would just be a sticky mess but this could definitely change my mind lol

2 years ago

If done right it can be just delicious ;)

2 years ago

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