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Love Is Blind


ulie used to care about how she looked when she fucked. But now she knows that she was missing out on how she felt, how she smelt and how she tasted. Now she gets pleasure in every inch of her body and knows how to reach new levels of bliss with her lover Lucky. She revels in his gaze as she dances for herself, and she knows just by the sound of his voice when he wants her. Lying her back she focusses on her own pleasure as she uses just the tip of his hard cock to rub her clit and pussy. Moving her hips to allow him inside her just a bit so that she can feel him just where she needs. Next, she rides him, grinding herself on his sex until her hips shudder with bliss. Seeing Julie fully in her own power and meeting her needs is a truly erotic and inspiring experience.


Comments From The Audience

I love the way this scene shows beautiful Nat Portnoy as so sexually confident! Inspiring and sexy...

3 years ago

Really Nice ...

3 years ago

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