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Scene - Baby You Can Drive My Car

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Feature Film

Housemates 4


Nina (Nat Portnoy) was getting antsy sitting in her wheelchair - being unable to move as freely as usual meant she spent a lot of time fantasizing about her boyfriend Simon (Sylvan) and the sex they used to have. Like the time they jumped the neighbuor’s fence in search of high-octane fun. Scaling a ladder, they lay a rug in the middle of the lawn and he immediately goes down on her, licking her clit and devouring her pussy with abandon, and she returns the favor, carefully getting on her knees to release his cock from his jeans, sucking and stroking his hard shaft while massaging his balls. A healthy application of lube is next, followed by a two-handed stroke and titty fuck, Nina rubbing the lube all over his cock and her breasts. She gets on her back as Simon enters her, deeply thrusting in missionary as her moans get louder and louder. He helps her up into a seated cowgirl position, lifting her ass up and down as they fuck, which transitions into traditional cowgirl as she arches her back and rocks her hips. It’s obvious the therapy has been helping, along with a healthy dose of endorphins, as she elevates her hips and uses her knees to fuck him, but they soon shift into a sideways position as he fucks her from behind, Nina begging Simon to fuck her harder and harder while gripping and mouthing his thick forearm to keep her from screaming too loud as she cums. They finally move into doggystyle, fucking her deeply from behind until he cums all over her ass. With both of them satisfied for now, she reminds him he needs to leave before they get found out – the thrill of being found out is their main kink, after all.


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Nat is amazing ? 

1 year ago

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