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Scene - Madame Marchant puts her assistant through her paces

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Educating Reeves


In another great lesbian sex scene from Joybear, Madame Marchant makes her assistant work hard. After a hard day at work, M, Marchant´s assistant, helps her to relax, by getting on her hands and knees and crawling to her boss, showing her submissive and willing side. Her boss lifts up her assistant´s skirt to reveal her stockings and bare ass, which she begins to slap and beat with her notebook. The assistant, slowly removes her boss´s stockings, kissing her tender thighs and working her way to her waiting pussy, which she eagerly laps and finger fucks. Soon M. Marchant is spread eagle on the sofa enjoying her assistant´s fingers and tongue in her wet pussy. The strict boss switches places with her employee and gets her fingers wet, as she slides in and out of her vagina.

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