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Scene - Taste Of Honey

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Feature Film

Love Is Blind


One of the first things that Julie learned when she started to lose her sight was that how your partner tastes is just as important as how they look. These days she likes to lap up her lover, savouring their body from mouth to feet and back up again. Fran and Tic are a couple that make videos about all things erotic, Julie watches them, mostly because they are hot as fuck, but she also likes to imagine what they get up to once the camera is off... In her mind's eye she sees the two beautiful girls slowly tasting every inch of each other, from their hands
to their feet and using their tongues to flick and lick their pussies as they both make gentle moans of intense pleasure, bringing themselves to climax again and again.

Comments From The Audience

All of the young women are beautiful. The main scene is mesmerisimg.

2 years ago

Thank you SvenGB47, we love the passion in this scene :)

2 years ago

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