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Scene - The Celebrity Party

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Feature Film

Chloe's Column


In this high quality porn scene, Chloe decides to invite Kai to a celebrity party, and whilst looking for him, she stumbles across a couple of sexy women, who are hitting on a guy. Chloe can´t resist being a voyeur and watching them as the horny girls, unzip his jeans and reveal his cock. One of the girls gets on her knees and takes him into her mouth, making him moan. Soon both girls are on their knees giving him fellatio. The threesome enjoy their time in the toilet, while Chloe watches, and it only once he cums, that she realizes it´s Kai getting the attention.

Comments From The Audience

This is probably the hottest chapter on Joy Bear! More like this please!!!

2 years ago

Hi Pipes98, thank you so much for your comment :) A super hot chapter for sure, be sure to check out our other threesome scenes on the site :)

2 years ago

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