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Scene - Water Therapy

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Feature Film

Housemates 4


Sitting in her wheelchair as a new patient at the clinic, Nina (Nat Portnoy) fantasizes about healing as quickly as possible. As she looks out her window, she sees a couple of other patients doing some physical therapy in the pool – Tom (Tommy Cabrio), who had injured himself after a bad tackle, and Jenny (Julia Roca), a yoga instructor who had performed too bendy a position and hurt her back. They had been at the clinic for six months already, and it was obvious their chemistry was what was driving their recovery. After their guided session, they engage in some therapy of their own by the pool – as Tom pulls down Jenny’s swimsuit, he starts by kissing her breasts as she straddles him on a towel. Then, after releasing his cock from his swim trunks and stroking him, Jenny moves down to a hot, sensual blowjob in the outdoors. Tom pulls down her swimsuit completely and returns the favor by sucking on her clit and licking her pussy until she cums. her nipples pert in the sun from the orgasm. The couple start fucking, first with him on top in missionary as she plays with her clit, then moving to a sideways position as Tom kisses Jenny’s neck while thrusting deep inside her. She then gets on top and showcases her bendiness in reverse cowgirl, then turns around to face him in cowgirl until Tom cums all over Jenny’s ass, after which they both fall into a happy, giggly, very satisfied post-coital cuddle by the pool.


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