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Scene - Day 5 Aleena does her first group scene

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Dirty Movie Deadline


Day 5: Aleena´s big day finally arrives as she does her first group scene with Kai and Megan, in this posh porn for couples. Aleena leads Megan to the sofa and blindfolds her, so she doesn´t know who is touching her, then Kai and Aleena begin to play with her clit, rubbing, licking and stroking her thighs. Kai pulls Aleena panties to one side and uses his fingers to play with her clit. Now it´s Megan turn to feel Aleena´s clit while Kai sinks his fingers into Megan´s pussy. The girls work on Kai big dick together and give him a great blow job. Kai moves them, so he can fuck Aleena, while she fingers Megan clitoris and pussy. Kai moves Megan onto his hard cock and builds up speed fucking her as hard as he can. Aleena sits in reverse cow girl on Kai´s large dick while Megan sits on his face. The girls scissor each other while Kai cums over them both.

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