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The idea of being watched during sex turns Uma on. Exploring this fantasy, she enters The Cube and inhabits the body of a gorgeous blonde woman, who is standing naked in a room made entirely of glass. She soon feels the eyes of a stranger on her new body - and, spotting her naughty neighbour, realises she’s horny. Her inner exhibitionist awakens as she sinks into a bubble bath and plays with herself, wondering how she looks from the outside. When Uma’s boyfriend joins her in the tub, the pair put on an incredible performance designed just for their nosey onlooker, who’s clearly enjoying the show. In what might be the world’s biggest bathtub, the pair have intense sex before fucking hard against the glass walls for all to see.



Comments From The Audience

If you've ever fantasised about sex in front of strangers then this scene is definitely going to get you hot...

3 years ago

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