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Scene - In the Gym

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Feature Film

Lsp1: Infidelity


Seb loves being filmed, having his own web cam show, and while he is in the gym he persuades Sofia the manager to stay and have their own personal work out. This is a super porn scene, the couple kiss and Seb gets out his rock hard cock, and Sofia can´t resist going down on him, and giving him an amazing blow job on the gym equipment. Seb lies back on one of the machines and Sofia climbs over him, allowing him access to her clit, which he happily laps at with his tongue. They move so that Sofia is lying on the bench with her legs spread as wide as she can, and Seb enters her pussy and he builds up speed. They change to doggy style and he pumps his cock, while holding her slender hips until he cums over her pert ass.


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