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Alone in her room, Constanza plays her cello, the deep melancholy notes drifting over the balcony into the courtyard below, where fellow music student Mikael sits. Unable to resist the sweet music and the mystery woman behind the strings, Mikael follows the melody inside the building - and discovers a trail of Constanza’s clothes leading up to her bedroom. Constanza is waiting for him, covered only by the body of her cello. Falling onto her bed, Constanza starts to play with her pussy as Mikael thrusts deep inside her from behind, becoming faster and more passionate with each movement. Both sweating and losing control, together the pair can hold on no longer, and complete their perfect intimate duet with an incredible climax.


Comments From The Audience

A beautiful and sensual session, love the way that Constanza gets plenty of attention to her pussy...

3 years ago

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