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Scene - Reflection Fuck

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Pleasure Fix


Jo loves porn, so much so in fact, that she can only come from watching porn and only whenlying on her front, grinding on her fingers. Her girlfriend Andrea wants to show her that it´spossible for her to come with another person, so they consult the app for help. They have toembrace Jo´s favourite position, Andrea making Jo feel calm and free, Jo still having thefamiliarity in her body of how she is able to come. Jo is blindfolded while Andrea uses herhands to find out exactly what works for Jo, and she soon climaxes to her pleasure andsurprise! They enjoy an orgasm filled session together, loving to watch themselves in a largemirror as they use a dildo to pleasure each other. They are super hot together after all! Welove the way this scene focuses on Jo finding new levels of pleasure and learning how toclimax more easily.

Comments From The Audience

I love the way that this scene addresses the fact that it's not always that easy for women to orgasm, but by taking time and with practice we can all find what turns us on...

3 years ago

extremely pleasure positive!!! such an enjoyable watch that shows two people just having fun and pleasuring each other as best they can ?

3 years ago

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