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Scene - Eating Out

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Sex With Friends 2


Chrissie (Esluna Love) tests her “what if” scenario from earlier with Carl and Georgie, when her shower runs out of hot water. After a bath at the couple’s apartment, she leaves the horny couple to get busy, and makes her way to the kitchen to satisfy her own hunger, which quickly turns carnal when she runs into Huey (Chris Cobalt), the sous chef, there. Huey quickly replaces his fruit consumption with Chrissie’s pussy, as she sits on the kitchen island for him to eat her out. Chrissie returns the favor by getting on her knees to deliver a spectacular blowjob. Huey bends Chrissie over the kitchen island as he fucks her from behind, then with her on top. Both lovers get on the kitchen island, Chrissie rubbing her clit as he fucks her, and a final vigorous fucking with her on the island and him standing makes Hunter cum all over her stomach.



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Oh Joybear please get you act together! Mobile only download.

1 year ago

Hey Chumlee. Thanks for the comments. We currently provide a high res download and mobile version as that is what our customers have asked for. If we are missing something please email [email protected]. Thanks.

1 year ago

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