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Scene - Sweet Smell

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Feature Film

Love Is Blind


Julie was taught that any smell coming from her underwear was something to be ashamed of. But as her sight worsens. her sense of smell heightens and she begins to notice and love the different smells of sex, inspired by her friends JJ and Pooky. They were drawn to each other by smell. They will fuck for a week and not wash their sheets, revelling in their pheromones mingling as they pleasure each other again and again. JJ and Pooky have been together for a long time and their union shows their intense level of intimacy and the mutual satisfaction that they gift one another as naturally as breathing. The chemistry between them is intoxicating for the viewer as their bodies writhe together to an exquisite finish.

Comments From The Audience

Love this episode for the way it explores something so often left out - how erotic certain smells can be...

3 years ago

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