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Scene - Girls

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If you could have sex with yourself, would you? Uma has always secretly wanted to know what she’s like in bed: to see what she looks like from the point of view of another person, what she smells like - and most of all, what she tastes like. In this fantasy, Uma uses virtual reality to inhabit the body of another woman… and decides to have an incredible lesbian experience with herself. Slowly, tentatively, Uma uses her host’s body to make her move - gently caressing her own skin, breasts and pussy. From slow, gentle oral sex, building up to intense grinding and some incredible face-sitting action, this chapter fulfils the ultimate self-indulgent fantasy - one where Uma literally fucks herself, before lying breathless and shaking in her own arms.


Comments From The Audience

I love the intimacy of these two women. It feels very much like a talk encounter I would have as a lesbian. And the pleasure seems really not fake. I also appreciate how it’s not just a closed up of genitals it’s about the sexual connection.

3 years ago

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