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Scene - Fuck Normal

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Jim and Gail are in an open relationship and want something intense to bring them closer together and really feel their connection. One of the great features of the Pleasure Fix is ´Common Kinks´ – type your desires into the app and it decides on something you both want! Gail knew that surrendering control was the biggest turn on for Jim and Jim knew that Gail had pegged every guy she had been with... Jim is excited to experiment as she brings out a strap on and takes it really slow and makes the build-up to penetrating him truly sensual. We love this scene for its focus on Gail being in control, her pleasure at that and also the trust shown between this couple with such an intense act for Jim. Afterwards she has a special treat for them both – their blonde friend from the bar, all three of them loving another chance to share their pleasure together.

Comments From The Audience

Super hot threesome here. Nat Portnoy and Kali Sudhra are amazing together, and then Bishop Black as well... Just delicious.

3 years ago

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