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Scene - Home Sweet Home

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Feature Film

Holiday Heat


Lucille and Brett are back home after their holiday and feel certain that their time away changed them. They’d been so free and fun, so connected to one another and the spirit of adventure. Now they were back in their normal lives but the holiday lived on in their memories, there was no reason that they couldn't keep that free, fun dynamic at home. After a shower, Lucille joins Brett on the balcony, eager to taste his cock she works his shaft in the afternoon sun before they move to the bedroom. Brett licks her pussy, making her arch her back and moan with delight as he edges her close to climax before fucking her deeply. Their chemistry undeniable, this couple give themselves a very pleasurable welcome home, reminding us that you don't have to be on holiday to be free and passionate.


Comments From The Audience

holy fuck. she's perfect. I'm so horny.

2 years ago

Be sure to check out our other scenes with the gorgeous Loveday :)

2 years ago

As always, beautiful and so natural, and very exciting. 

2 years ago

Thank you for your comment bazgb49, I love the chemistry between these two performers :)

2 years ago

wow. I would definitely like to come home to that sort of sex! Amazing scene

2 years ago

Really gorgeous chemistry here :)

2 years ago

omg...she is so fucking hot! I just wanna cum all over her belly and face!

2 years ago

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