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Scene - Living the Dream

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Feature Film

Confessions Of A Sound Girl


They say that sometimes dreams really do come true, and in this case lucky Ru finds herself in exactly the position she'd been fantasising about earlier in the shoot... When performer Tina appears in the kitchen wearing skimpy underwear showing off her perfect ass, it's impossible for Ru to keep her eyes to herself. It's obvious that Tina wants to take things further as they begin to kiss and she perches Ru on the kitchen counter and begins to lick her pussy, making her gasp. Moving to a comfortable couch they explore each other's bodies, their chemistry evident as they become more and more turned on, Tina fucking Ru with a vibrating dildo before Ru brings Tina to an incredible climax. An irresistible scene of sublime pleasure for both women.


Comments From The Audience

Genuine pleasure and real orgasms, so so good

2 years ago

Thank you so much sophia3, showing real pleasure on screen is something that we are truly passionate about :)

2 years ago

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