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Scene - The Physical Connection

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High quality porn for woman is what Joybear does best, and this scene is a prime example. Tess a science student, tries to concentrate on her work, but her hot fellow male student distracts her. Once their hands accidentally touch, they end up kissing and he takes the chance to fondle her boobs. She kneels in front of him unzipping his trousers, to reveal his hard cock, which she takes into her mouth, giving him a deep blow job. They move to a nearby sofa, where he laps her pussy, making her sopping wet for his dick. He takes the sex slowly, while he holds her leg over his shoulder so he can enter her as deeply as he can. They fuck with Tess on top, as she bounces up and down on his cock. With her legs in the air, and her sexy heels on, they have hardcore sex until they orgasm.


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