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Scene - Adventurland

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Bea never misses an opportunity when it comes knocking... While it can take Kylie ages to make a connection with someone, with Bea it's instant, so when she spots a hot guy on her way home she is more than ready to introduce herself. It's easy to see their intense chemistry and Bea invites him home for a drink by the pool, which very quickly leads to a kiss and more. We love the way that Bea is supremely confident, perched on the side of the pool naked she is not afraid to fully relax and enjoy herself as the hot guy licks her pussy with plenty of enthusiasm. This hot couple soon head inside to the kitchen and treat themselves to a passionate session on the table...


Comments From The Audience

All the YES for this scene... I love the way that Bea isn't afraid to go for what she wants, perching on the kitchen counter and making sure she is properly looked after...

3 years ago

yes yes yes!!! the power in this scene! all about her pleasure and her power over receiving it and who she allows the privilege of her pleasure. and her taking control of her pleasure and sharing it with him turns him on so much. 5. STARS.

3 years ago

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