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Scene - Calling The Shots

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Feature Film

Secret Sex Society 2 - The Game


The idea of The Game had gotten under Emmy's skin. Anyone can be a player and any encounter could lead to sex and on a retreat she discovers that some of the people there are most certainly players. She peeks into a bedroom to watch Gideon and Martha being instructed in bed by Suz. Gideon wanted to experiment with submission so having someone call the shots on what to do in bed turns both him and Martha on. The players slowly undress, directed and watched by Suz, kissing and caressing each other's bodies with plenty of oral action, before being guided through their sex positions before they both climax under her gaze.



Comments From The Audience

Just joined, after reading about the site. Experienced constant buffering and barely played. Lousy service so terminating membership.

3 years ago

Hey Sexythrive, thanks for the comment! Really sorry to hear you've had buffering issues. Can we suggest you select a different stream quality? FYI we've tested the site and everything looks good from our end

3 years ago

Exactly the same constant buffering shame wanted to support the site

3 years ago

Audio is messed up

2 years ago

Hi Neeraj, sorry about that! I have just had a check and I can't find an audio issue, could you let me know where in the scene you had an issue?

2 years ago

Same problem. Will not load. The tech answering must have some very expensive high grade computer that the average person doesnt have.

7 months ago

Hello, thank you for your comment. Can you please explain what the issue is? Is it the audio or the buffering you are having problems with?

7 months ago

Hard photoset download link is broken. Great scene.

3 days ago

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