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Feature Film

Chloe's Column


Chloe interviews boxer Kai Taylor for her column about fucking fame. Whilst she asks the questions, the hot boxer leans in for a kiss, and soon the Chloe finds herself face to face with his cock, which she slips into her mouth and sucks him until he´s hard. He takes her huge boobs in his hands and fondles her nipples. Kai pulls Chloe´s panties to one side and works his tongue against her clit. This is a superb porn scene in which we see, Chloe with her legs in the air, while Kai enters her pussy and fucks her. The couple change positions to doggy style, and he builds up speed, fucking her deeper and harder. They move to the floor and Kai holds onto Chloe as she rides him, and he cums over her beautiful ass.


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