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Scene - Becky reminises about her man

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In this classic Joybear sex scene for couples, we see Becky jump into a taxis, when her man Pierre calls and tells her he is thinking about her, while he is naked and playing with his hard cock. He tells he to touch herself in the taxis, and she obliges and thinks about the wonderful sex they had in the kitchen. Pierre arrives home and they kiss in the kitchen, he lifts up her skirt he can put his hands into her knickers. He gets her to sit on the counter and he removes her panties, and gives her cunnilingus. Once Becky is warmed up, Pierre takes off his trousers and eases he dick inside of her. The couple have intense sex on the counter, they move into doggy style and fuck up against the kitchen cabinets. Becky climaxes as the taxis arrives at her destination.


Comments From The Audience

Most of your recent film are great, this one isn’t. Maybe it is an old one. It looks like average porn and the big joybear logo is just a nuisance.

3 months ago

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