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Scene - Hot Water

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Feature Film

Sex With Friends 2


Chrissie (Esluna Love) has some regrets about not fucking Carl (Marcus Quillan) in the past, but she’s definitely not jealous of his girlfriend Georgie (Venom Evil). In fact, she wishes they could all have fun together. Until that right opportunity arrives, she leaves them alone… For now, Carl and Georgie enjoy each other as a horny couple. After Chrissie leaves, they start kissing on the bed, Georgie taking off her clothes as quickly as she can. She gets on top, then moves down to give him an expert two-handed blowjob. He flips Georgie over so he can return the favor, licking, sucking, and fingering her, until she gets back on top and sits on his face while continuing her blowjob. Oral fun soon gives way to fucking from multiple positions as they take turns being on top, both of them loudly moaning until Carl cums all over Georgie’s taut tummy.



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