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Feature Film

Man Trap


Kelly Rafella has a honey trap business, and Maxine wants to know if her horny husband will remain faithful to her, so she asks Kelly to set a trap for him, which he falls for. In this exciting porn scene, we see the husband during his photo shoot, with the beautiful blonde. He can´t resist touching and kissing her sexy naked body, and getting her to suck his big hard cock. Before long he is fucking her standing up, and sinking his dick inside her with all thoughts of his wife gone. He sits on a chair and moves his hot model onto his waiting penis, and enjoys her boobs as they bounce up and down in front of him.


Comments From The Audience

This is a fantastic scene with one of the best endings!

2 years ago

Thank you for your comment, we love to hear that our scenes are enjoyed :)

2 years ago

I love it when the guy comes on the girls face

2 years ago

Hi there, thanks for your comment Tcanary, it got me thinking - if you have been exploring our site you may have noticed that this sex act is not so common in our films. We tend to avoid it because it is just so, so commonplace in mainstream porn, but that does not mean that everyone likes it (although of course some people do!). While for some a facial come shot is a big turn on, for others it's something they've seen in porn and feel obliged to do - that can go for both partners of course. It's always important to communicate with your partner to make sure that everyone is having fun :)

2 years ago

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