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Scene - Chapter 4

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Feature Film

Secret Sex Society


After watching Rey’s home made sex tape, Carrie follows the video’s final message andmeets her by the pool. Tingling with excitement, Carrie leans in to kiss Rey, who points outseveral overlooking glass buildings. Thrilled at the idea of being watched, Carrie strips nakedand explores Rey’s body, playing her part in her very own sex show. We love the use of theswinging hammock in this scene, as Carrie lies back into the seat and comes hard fromslow, sensual oral sex along with a powerful vibrating toy. Ready for her turn, Rey bendsover and uses the hammock to support her hips, pushing herself against Carrie. Panting andgiggling, they smile and wave at the glass windows of the overlooking buildings, thankingtheir unknown audience for watching their best show yet.

Comments From The Audience

I loved watching these beautiful women both making sure to maximise each other's pleasure, with the added cheeky kink of being overlooked...

3 years ago

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