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Scene - Day 2 Loulou takes Aleena shopping

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Feature Film

Dirty Movie Deadline


Day 2: Loulou takes Aleena out to Harmony to shop for some sexy underwear for her first upcoming adult scene. The sexy girls begin to flirt and get more and turned on, until they move to the back of the shop to try out some clothes and sex toys. Once Loulou starts trying out the underwear, the girls begin to kiss and Aleena seduces the beautiful girl, stripping her knickers and licking her clit. Loulou wets her fingers and slowly inserts them into Aleena´s pussy making her moan with desire. Loulou brings out one of the sex toys she bought and starts using the hot pink dildo, on Aleena, slowly fucking her. The girls swap and Aleena uses the vibrator on the horny girl, making her orgasm on the shop sofa. Loulou returns the pleasure bringing Aleena to climax.

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