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Scene - Liselle matches Seb & Lolly

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Liselle makes a pornstar match between Seb & Lolly, although she mostly sets them up for herself, as she wants to watch both of them having sex. They all meet in the park for a picnic, they play spin the bottle, and talk about having threesomes and spend a lot of time kissing each other. In this high quality porn, Liselle directs Lolly to sit on the kitchen counter, while Seb licks her pussy. Liselle, gets involved and moves Seb´s head to where it needs to be. Lolly gets on knees and takes Seb´s cock as deep as she can in her mouth. Liselle gives Seb the camera, while they girls kneel by his hard dick, and kiss each other. In this Joybear organic scene, Liselle directs her friends to move to the living room, where Lolly hops onto the coffee table and Seb and her fuck in doggy position, while Liselle kisses the beautiful woman as she enjoys the couple having sex.

Comments From The Audience

Oh! Lolly has a really gorgeous body! And, at the same time, she is such a lovely and nice person. She does my favorite position: doggy, perfectly. I wish I had been there!

1 year ago

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