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Scene - Domestic Bliss

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In this great posh porn scene from Joybear, Jess masturbates in the bathroom, when she thinks about her new HM Billy & Analise, who are enjoying their early morning routine in the kitchen. Analise, gets out Billy´s hard cock, as he leans back on the kitchen table, and she licks and teases her boyfriend with her mouth. He pulls her onto his dick, in reserve cowgirl, while he is sitting on a chair, so that he can fuck her and rub her clit at the same time. The couple move onto the table, as Billy takes Analise doggy style as he sucks on her nipples. Billy takes Analise´s foot in his mouth to gently suck her toes, and continues down her body until his mouth reaches her clit and he gives her pussy some attention. They finish with her lying on the table and Billy fucking his girl until he cums over her stomach.



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she has really beautiful feet

3 years ago

Super hot kitchen sex...

3 years ago

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