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Scene - Three Wishes

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Feature Film

Sex With Friends


Like many long-term couples, Marco and Tamara have become more like friends than lovers. Deciding it’s time to spice things up and get adventurous, Tamara slips into something silky, and reveals a powerful magic wand vibrator, using it to play with her nipples as Marco watches, amazed. He can’t help but get hard as she starts to moan and soon can’t just sit and watch any more. He takes the wand from her, holding the rumbling sex toy against her clit, bringing her closer and closer to orgasm each time. Tamara finally gives in and rips his clothes off, desperate to feel him inside her. They fuck hard outside, using the vibrator to heighten their pleasure as they go until Marco climaxes across her shaking body.


Comments From The Audience

nice wow

1 year ago

Wow indeed. We love the chemistry in this scene.

1 year ago

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