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Scene - 2022

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Feature Film

Sexual (R)evolution


Horny and excited about who she might pull at the party, Marnie reminisces about the evolving attitudes to sex over the years in the house. These walls had seen so much action that she could almost hear the ghosts of previous inhabitants fucking. Locking eyes with Robin there's an instant attraction and once the party is over this amorous couple can't wait to strip off together. Kissing passionately as Robin fingers her, Marnie moans with bliss as he tongues her wet pussy before she kneels to suck his already hard cock, licking up and down his shaft as she makes plenty of eye contact. Unable to wait any longer, they fuck on the couch, Marnie riding him in reverse cowgirl as he fingers her clit, bringing her to intense climaxes until he finally joins her in satisfaction.



Comments From The Audience

The chemistry and passion in this video was palpable. I wanted to join in the fun ?

1 year ago

We definitely agree with you. True chemistry and passion are two things we always try to capture within our films.

1 year ago

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