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Scene - DeCoupled

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Feature Film

Housemates 3 The Landlady


Evelyn is determined that Hannah needs to be saved from bad boy Lucas, and she can helpby breaking them up. Lucas is sunbathing in the garden so Evelyn starts to massage sunlotion onto his muscular, tattooed physique, before moving in for a kiss. When Hannahreturns, Lucas easily talks his way out of trouble - it´s not long before topless Hannah isworking Lucas´s big cock with her hands and mouth, before slipping off her shorts andlowering herself onto him, moaning with pleasure as she slides herself up and down. Sheknows exactly what she wants and isn´t afraid to tell Lucas she needs his tongue on herpussy. She writhes and moans with pleasure at his touch, his mouth on her clit and hishands on her breasts.



Comments From The Audience

I love the chemistry between Juan Lucho and Katana in this scene and the way that he makes sure to take care of her pleasure.

3 years ago

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