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Joybear Organic is about natural sex, especially for couples and Liselle Bailey teams up two of her pornstar friends, Pete & Tanya. They meet for a drink, and they head off in a cab, on the journey home, Pete slips his fingers inside of Tanya´s panties. The couple continue to make out in the car, Pete loves having his neck kissed, and then he gets his tongue on Tanya´s pussy, and she gives him oral in the back seat. They make it to the flat, and once inside, Pete gets on his knees and shows off his amazing oral skills and techniques. Tanya takes off her bra, and asks Liselle to have a feel, she is happy to oblige and Tanya then gives Pete hot oral in return. Tanya is ready to fuck, and she sits on Pete´s dick, in reverse cow girl, and Pete alternates, between fast and slow strokes. Liselle likes to get hands on when she´s filming and can´t help but get up close to the action as possible, feeling Tanya´s arse as Pete fucks her, then licks Tanya´s nipples.

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