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Scene - The Secret Garden

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Feature Film

Pleasure Professionals 2


Mrs ERC leaves her bag of sex toys for Molly, the shy waitress. who is surprised by the contents of the bag, but she puts them to good use. She grabs Tim and uses the handcuffs and whip on him. He likes the light bondage play and she puts his hands over his head and gets out his big hard cock and runs her tongue up and down it. They move to a bedroom where she climbs on top of him, taking his huge dick inside her. They change to missionary position on the edge of the bed and Molly opens her legs as wide as she can to give Tim full access to her pussy. They move into spoons giving Tim the opportunity to play with Molly´s large breasts, until he cums.


Comments From The Audience

I subscribed to this site to check it out, and obviously women must have different triggers than men, because most of the videos on this site don't do anything for me. This one was an exception and quite enjoyable. I get off on admiring sexy women and their bodies. I want to see her "whole" body at least once in a while. Videos that fixate only on one aspect leave me cold.

3 years ago

Loved it. Great chemistry and good acting.

3 weeks ago

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