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Scene - Down There

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Feature Film

Confessions Of A Sound Girl


Despite being on set for 'I Love Pussy' Lexi started to doubt that she would ever get her pussy licked, given how long the photographs were taking. But she needn't have worried as Unstoppable Sex Machine can't wait to find what turns her on the most with his tongue and fingers. It's beautiful to watch a scene that places so much importance on the woman's pleasure and shows Lexi really taking the time to enjoy her pussy licking before they move onto penetration. Thoroughly warmed up, they fuck until Unstoppable Sex Machine climaxes over her back and then gets back to licking her pussy as she moans with delight...

Comments From The Audience

Wonderful respect, very passionate and super erotic. Loved it. 

2 years ago

Hi bazgb49, thanks so much for your comment. This is why we get up in the morning!

2 years ago

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