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Scene - Lena throws a party

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Lena decides to throw a party for her friends, but since breaking up with her lover she takes some time outside to think about her life. Back at the party two of her friends decide to take it to the bedroom, and Lena happens to catch them through the window and watches as the horny couple roll around on the bed. She undoes his belt and begins to play with his big cock, before she takes him in her mouth. Lena enjoys her voyeurism, and decides to stay watching the couple, as her friend opens her pussy to receive his hard cock, bouncing up and down on it. They change to reverse cow girl, making it easier for him to rub her clit, and her boobies. He pulls her off his cock and spreads her legs to give her the best cunnilingus he can. When she´s wet and ready for him, they move into doggy position, which the couple enjoy, until he cums over her stomach.

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