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Feature Film

Chloe's Column


As Chloe gets more and more famous for her stories on celebrity sex lives she herself gets interviewed. In this posh porn scene, Chloe tries to stay professional, but she can´t resist pushing her interviewer up against a wall and pulling out his cock and sucking him on the stairs. He is surprised by her advances, and even though they nearly get caught, he enjoys the oral sex, and returns the attention to her pussy. Chloe lifts her leg over the banister so that he can fuck her doggy style on the stairs. The two enjoy the hard sex, until he cums in Chloe´s waiting mouth.

Comments From The Audience

Nice to see an oral come shot in the mouth... Would love to see more of this..

2 years ago

Hi Pipes98, thank you for your comment :) in all honesty this isn't so common in our films. We tend to avoid facial and oral come shots because they are so commonplace in mainstream porn but that does not therefore mean that everyone likes it (although of course some do). It's always important to communicate with your partner and make sure everyone is having fun!

2 years ago

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