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Scene - Scene 1 Touch Me

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Feature Film



Escaping to Barcelona for a much-needed break, Venus is soon distracted by a young couple who are sat staring at their phones, barely looking at each other. Deciding to play Cupid, she hacks into their messages, sending them both suggestively seductive texts. Reminded that virtual reality never compares to real-life pleasure, Laia and Carlos sneak off to a hotel, where Carlos throws Laia to the bed and tastes her pussy. Responding with a deep, sensual blowjob, Laia can’t wait any longer and moans with ecstasy as Carlos finally enters her. The couple lock eyes, remembering their intense desire for each other as they fuck passionately. Carlos clings tight to Laia as he climaxes across her toned body, leaving them both breathless and dazed in post-orgasmic bliss.



Comments From The Audience

Super passionate scene!

3 years ago

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