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Scene - Home Improvements

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This is a great lesbian seduction scene, when Jess finally realises she is attracted to her sexy housemate Saskia, and goes to her room to show her. The girls are soon kissing, rubbing and tasting each other. Saskia gets her tongue on Jess´s clit and then uses her fingers to give her even more pleasure. Saskia then moves so she is astride Jess´s face, so that Jess can lap at her pussy and rub her own clit at the same time. The girls indulge in some mutual masturbation, sitting opposite each other and fondling their own pussies. Saskia gently kisses Jess´s nipples, and moves her mouth down her naked body, until she reaches her clit. The girls change position again, and Jess takes her turn sitting on Saskia´s face, while Saskia masturbates, they continue until they orgasm.



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