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Scene - Skin on Skin

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The club closed, Vera and Lottie are dancing together when Mark arrives. Is he there to arrest them or join them? Unsure, Vera approaches him and it's soon clear he has law breaking, rather than enforcement on his mind... The two women kiss passionately as they strip off their clothes, Vera soon enjoying the full attention of two lovers as Mark and Lottie take turns to lick her pussy, before the girls both work on his cock. We love this threesome scene for the way that all partners take care to share their attentiveness, making sure that everyoneis having a good time. Starved of touch for so long, all three thoroughly enjoy all the carnal delights of each other's bodies.



Comments From The Audience

Love the focus on the women's pleasure here!

2 years ago

I love the mutual gentleness even in passion.

1 year ago

Hi finestkim, thank you so much for your comment! I also love this threesome for the passion as well as the focus of all three partners on mutual pleasure for all participants :)

1 year ago

Good demonstration of humanity, compassion and good sex in return. Viktoria did her best showing a friendly side of her sweet sex. Good for her. About Loveday, I am mesmerized for her last scene with the finest doggy I've ever seen. Her rear parts and her movings would have certainly made a stone come.

1 year ago

Thank for the kind comments ShinyBear. We really appreciate it. We're also huge fans of LoveDay's (but then we're a bit biased).

1 year ago

It must be underlined this is a great scene in terms of sheer chemistry among the three. and that is a detail seldom seen. I hope some day you can allow us to interact with the real models, for I'd love congratulate and thank both ladies for the great feel they bring us with this scene. I am a big fan of FFM threesomes, most of all, when they have got chemistry and make prevail human desire over frenzy, false screams and cliché words... Good, really good. I loved it.

1 year ago

I mean, you could almost read on the smiles and the sights (and sighs) of both ladies the thankfullness for not being arrested and a genuine sympathy and sincere desire to a natural moment of carnal solace and fornication. It feels genuine. Very real. That's what I mean with "chemistry".

1 year ago

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