What are bondage candles? posted on 21st January 2019

Candles aren’t just for romantic restaurants and power cuts – they can also be an incredibly kinky tool to use in the bedroom! 

Worried about pain? Don’t be! 

Unlike regular candles, bondage candles are specifically designed for kinky play with your partner, and have a lower melting temperature than regular candles. This provides all the excitement but only a fraction of the pleasure/pain sensation associated with having hot wax dripped across the body. 


We love how colourful wax from bondage candles can create a more playful visual than many traditional BDSM toys, and the variety of beautiful patterns you can create with them. It’s kink, but it’s creative!  

The process of gently scraping the wax from your lover’s skin can also be incredibly pleasurable, which is why we included this intense moment in our latest scene from Secret Sex Society.

Whilst wax play is great fun, make sure you’re not using standard candles for this kind of fun – or you might be in for a shock!

You can enjoy this incredible bondage candle foreplay in our latest chapter, which is now live! Watch Julia and Sylvan get experimental here. Enjoy!


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