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Chapter 2


Julia Roca,Sylvan
Carrie and her ex have history, but something in Ben’s eyes shows her he’s changed.Leading her to a secret room, Ben unveils a collection of kinky accessories just begging tobe used. Carrie kneels, and allows Ben to place a thick leather collar around her neck.Holding onto the attached leash, Ben drips hot candle wax over Carrie’s bottom, watchingher shiver and twitch in pleasure and pain with each drop. Her senses heightened, Carriemoans in ecstasy as Ben completely dominates her, sliding his cock inside her and pullingher head back by her dog collar, tweaking her nipples in time with each thrust. We love thischapter for its vibrant, colourful exploration of kink. Who said BDSM had to be black andwhite? Chapter from SECRET SEX SOCIETY