A Big Bush Is The New Black posted on 24th September 2018

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: we love a bush.

And it’s not just us who favour the full foliage; recently Vogue published an article on the fluffy stuff, claiming that ‘the full bush is the new Brazilian’, as more and more women ditch the laborious task of waxing and reclaim their natural hair.

It seems as though it wasn’t just a fad. As we had hoped, bush really is back!

At Joybear, we love a natural look, and many of our models rock their natural styles. But we’re also 100% about choice, too. If you want to be smooth as a baby’s bottom, then go for it! And if you’d rather be neat and trimmed, then that’s great too. 

Or if you’re into the full bush look, we salute you and your free-flowing pubes. However you like to style your downstairs, it’s all sexy with a smile.


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