Bush is back! posted on 27th November 2017

The days of meticulous waxing and shaving could be over – the full bush is making a comeback.

Not too long ago, sporting a flourishing garden of pubes used to be synonymous with cheesy 1970s porn, where a heavily moustachioed man would arrive to fix the plumbing, whilst ‘bow-chica-wow-wow’ music played as they got down and dirty.

But in 2017, it seems the days of complete baldness and squeaky-clean nethers could be over, as more and more top porn stars, such as Julia Roca, proudly display what nature gave them.

A series of recent studies support this growing trend in what people really want when it comes to pornography, and it’s not just those who grew up watching 70s porn who are searching for more natural performers; one study revealed that when Milennials searched for porn online, the term ‘bush’ was 891% more popular than ‘shaved’.

But it’s not just porn which is embracing public hair once more. It appears that society is moving with the times as well, as research by online pharmacy UK Medix showed that 51% of women don’t style or groom their bush at all, with 62% revealing that their partner prefers them to rock the natural look.

So why the change?

Somewhere between the late 90s and mid-2000s, society somehow made women feel as though having pubes was gross, or dirty in some way – both in porn and in real life. But with the rise of social media, women fighting for body confidence and self-love have inspired a movement, both in real life and in adult entertainment.

Instagram and Twitter trends continue to emerge, encouraging women to bare their unshaved pits/legs/bodies, and remind the world that – gasp – women grow hair, too!

Back in 2014, American Apparel dressed their mannequins in sheer lingerie, and equipped them with full 70s-style bush. These movements inspire conversation – and with conversation comes honesty, debate and reclamation of our own bodies. Women who felt pressured to remove their bush are putting themselves in control of their own bodies, which we’re loving.

But are pubes in porn influencing society’s views on going au naturel? Or is society’s love of the bush infiltrating through to adult performers, and the companies who produce adult erotica? Whatever the reason, we’re loving the comeback.

All this talk of embracing the bush is reaffirming the work of movie producers like Joybear, who are embracing a new age of porn – one where sexual fantasies cater to women, couples and men alike, and where performers don’t need to conform to a one-size-fits-all template in order to be incredibly hot.

Like all things, the way we present our pubic hair has, and always will, go in and out of fashion. But for now, we’re loving the diversity this hairy issue brings to all aspects of sexuality – and we’re rooting for bush to stay put.


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