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Chapter 3


Julia De Lucia,Bishop Black
Still reeling from her night of pleasure, Carrie wakes to find a tablet computer under herpillow; a note says ‘try me’, and there’s a video waiting to be played. A muscular couple inneon balaclavas are breaking and entering into a luxury house, turned on by the thrill ofgetting caught. Carrie watches their personalised sex tape, realising that the mystery pairare enacting her most colourful fantasies as they fuck in every room, staring at her throughthe lens. The burglars have hard, fast sex before an orgasmic hand job using plenty of lube.Exhausted and relaxing in the hot tub, they hear police sirens and suddenly run - but notbefore a message instructs Carrie to ‘meet me by the pool’. The girl in the video was readyfor more... Chapter from SECRET SEX SOCIETY