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“I love the way this scene shows beautiful Nat Portnoy as so sexually confident!”

- Joybear Member


We see a world where sex is positive and not taboo. Joybear is working to create that world. It’s why we produce erotic films with a more natural approach to sex...and lots of kissing. Sex can sometimes be confusing. We believe that no matter your preference, you (and anyone else who wants to play) should be safe and have fun always.

Sex is sometimes funny and not always perfect. We love that. It’s why we often leave these little moments in our films. We are also indebted to our performers, all handpicked for their charisma and natural body shapes. You may be interested to know the characters they play all undergo the ‘dinner party test’. They must be someone you’d be extremely happy to sit next to for an evening and enjoy flirting with. The more it feels like it could really happen the more of a turn on it becomes. Are you getting excited yet?

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