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Julia Roca,Kali Sudhra
Back at university, Saskia had a reputation for being the wild one of the group. Notoriously up for anything, she was famous for her exhibitionism with other women - and ten years later, Paloma is finally ready to start exploring her own sexuality. Spotting Saskia by the pool, Paloma secretly plants a box next to her which contains a bright pink dildo. Watching Saskia’s shock - and then delight - as she opens the naughty package, Paloma takes the dildo from her and attaches it firmly to her strap-on harness. She covers her hands in coconut oil and begins to massage Saskia, sliding two fingers inside her pussy before bending her over a table and fucking her. We love the power play in this girl-on-girl scene... almost as much as we love the orgasms. Chapter from SEX WITH FRIENDS