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The Threesome


Jamie Barry,Satine Spark,Daisy Rock
In this hot porn scene for couples, Rob meets Jen & Chloe at the swinging party and they head back to flat the girls share, bringing Oliver with his camera. Soon Jen & Rob are on the sofa, kissing and running their hands over each other which Chloe watches the two of them. Chloe decides she wants to join in and the threesome sit on the sofa together, kissing and stroking each other and removing their clothes until they are all naked. Jen is first to get her mouth on Rob´s cock, but soon both girls are licking and sucking his throbbing dick. Jen puts her pussy on Rob´s face, and he laps at her clit, while Chloe continues her attentions to Rob´s penis. While the girls kiss, and enjoy each other, Rob slips his cock inside of Jen, not to be left out Chloe hops onto his cock too. Chloe sits back while she masturbates, watching Rob & Jen fuck. Then it´s Jen´s turn to watch Chloe & Rob having sex, until he cums over Chloe´s big boobs. Chapter from LSP2: Experimentation